Spring always seems to be my favorite time of year green grass, trees budding, warm rains, but most of all is them babies. Watching mamma cows lick their new born calf or seein’ a baby colt’s crooked legs stand up for the first time, these are my high lights. Summer brings lots of hard work for the whole family, moving cattle, hauling hay, breaking horses, and getting ready for a winter that always comes too fast.

Fall seems to be a great time for all our customers that wait all year for their chance at some of the best we have to offer. Third week of October we have the McCoy Ranch Production Sale. Sara and I get together and hand-pick the bulls, cows, and horses that we want to showcase every year. Nothing we like better than our stock going on and doing great things with the new owners. Sara and I have been so blessed with a great foundation of livestock from both of our dads. In the seven years Sara and I have been together we have been able to take that foundation and continue making it better and better. We give our customers a chance at the best.

This year our production sale is October 27, 28, and 29th and will showcase ranch raised horses, champion bucking bulls, high bred heifers, and 20 of our best yearling bulls. The best of the best yearling bulls in the sale will sale 1/2 interest to give everyone a shot at owning the next champion. If you buy 1/2 interest in one of our bulls you become partners with McCoy Ranch and receive 1/2 of all that bulls earnings. Of course, you get to name the bull. Lots of people get a kick out of that, especially, when their bull shows up on TV.

We are starting to wean colts, buck yearlings, and pick the lineup for our annual sale so stay tuned for a sale catalog. The whole production sale is online so you can view/bid and follow along right in the comfort of your own home. Any questions, don’t hesitate to call Cord or Sara McCoy at McCoy Ranch 405-219-6724