One year ago today I was doing the exact same thing I’m doing today, landing in Las Vegas. But, last year Jet and I were on a wild and Amazing Race all the way around the world through lots of different countries. We were sure lost and had no idea about the languages. If you didn’t know by now we didn’t win the million dollars. I guess if there was a place or a location to be eliminated we picked a best spot. Hollywood couldn’t have wrote our ending any better. The very first cowboys ever to come to America came from Spain, the exact same shore we stood at the end of our long race around the world. Jet and I, or as most people knew us as the cowboys, got eliminated from the Amazing Race in Spain. In just the last couple of days, of the third season, we were on The Amazing Race; we had traveled Rome, drove chariots around The Great Coliseum, ran with the bulls, and I can actually say now that I have rode a white stallion off into the sunset!

Sad day being taking out of the race, but the next thing they said was “We’re gonna fly you to London and straight to your final destination from there, LAS VEGAS NEVADA.” I didn’t even have to look at my calendar to know what is going on in Las Vegas this time of year, The National Finals Rodeo. Everyone with the World Race Productions was wondering where all the hats came from. I told them they are all friends of mine. Me and Jet were a little upset, the million was ours if we would have just made it to Vegas.

So happy to be coming back this year, I make sure and don’t run, last one on the plane, and slow down and enjoy the places I go. I know exactly what it’s like to go around the world and run past everything. My suggestions to you; slow down and enjoy life and what it has to offer.